Choosing your child’s godmother

Just read that Sadie Frost’s child’s godmother is Kate Moss..mmmm interesting choice..she can certainly give advice on what cocaine and vodka to buy “The modern godparent will be someone a child can turn to not only in times of celebration but also in times of crisis, a mentor in whom to confide and possibly a source of advice,” says Haynes. As the old saying goes, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ and by choosing a godparent or mentor, parents are bringing extra guidance and support into their child’s life from an early age.

Some interesting godparents..

Elton John is the Godfather of John Lennon’s child, Sean Lennon, as well as Elizabeth Hurley’s son Damien, and David Beckham and Victoria Beckham’s sons, Brooklyn and Romeo.

Warren Beaty is the godfather of Steven Bauer and Melanie Griffith’s son, Alexander.

Michael Jackson was the godfather of Michael Gibb, son of The Bee Gees front man Barry Gibb.

Christopher Reeve was the godfather of Jane Seymour’s first son.

Quentin Tarantino is the godfather of Michael Madsen’s sons. Daniel Craig is the godfather of one of Mark Strong’s sons.

Anthony Michael Hall is the godfather of Robert Downey, Jrs. son, Indio Falconer Downey.

X-Files creator, Chris Carter, is the godfather of Gillian Anderson’s daughter, Piper Maru

Jonny Lee Miller is the godfather of of Jude Law’s eldest son, Rafferty Law.

Henry Winkler is the godfather of Ron Howard’s daughter Bryce Dallas Howard Stephen Fry is the godfather of Hugh Laurie’s children.

Simon Pegg is the godfather of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s kid, Apple Martin.

Frank Sinatra was the godfather of Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth’s daughter, Rebecca Welles.

Yul Bryner is the godfather of Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Dean Stockwell is the godfather of Amber Tamblyn.

Sonny Bono is the godfather of Anthony Kiedis

Larry Hagman was the godfather of Peter Fonda’s daughter, Bridget Fonda.

Topher Grace is the godfather of Kyle Newman & Jaime King’s son James.

Josh Gad is the godfather of Theo Gabel, son of Seth Gabel and Bryce Dallas Howard.


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