Injury Lawyer + Management Consultant, go manage!

Injury Lawyer [what we call Ambulance Chasers] Management Consultants [what we call trumped up Business Admin graduates as they have never had a business in their lives]

Injury lawyer – charges minimum £700/hour

Management consultant – charges minimum £1200/hour

English term to describe them – TWATS, not all hard-working ‘wealthy’ people are so stupid and greedy. Makes me angry when half the world is starving

Suggestion for this couple:

Sell your flat in East London
Move OUT of West London
Actually move OUT of London
Even better move OUT of England
‘sue’ some more people and help them ‘manage’ so you are quids in
Become an interim manager to some sucker of a company, get yourself ‘injured’ so your wife can sue the bollocks off someone
or just get a brain transplant
PS Your ‘education’ taught you nothing except a sense of entitlement
PPS Your children are better off without you


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