‘CVs at bottom of pile’: Britons in EU say Brexit is taking its toll


‘I would burn in hell before returning’ – why British teachers are fleeing overseas

Teachers are leaving, Doctors are leaving, Banks are leaving, Factories are leaving

Titanic Britain


Article: ‘Do Not Discuss the Incident,’ Facebook told Employee Fired After Speaking About Worker Suicide

Yi Yin, a Facebook engineer who was fired days after speaking to the media about an employee who killed himself says that he wanted to stand up for Chinese engineers at the company who feel silenced because of their precarious visa status. “Most Chinese workers are on H-1B visas, and don’t want t…

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Article: We’ve Reached the Smash-and-Grab Portion of Trump’s Presidential Grift

We apparently have reached the smash-and-grab portion of the great grift. El Caudillo del Mar-a-Lago knows he’s cooked, so he and a few henchmen go out and distract us all by admitting that he’s a fool and that they’re all thieves while he stuffs his pockets against the advent of a clean getaway….

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